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COVID19 has a negative impact on the lives of our local South African citizens. Online Freebies understands the struggle of trying to make ends meet. Everyone deserves to be happy and feel good about them selves. We believe small wins deserves to be celebrated, Online Freebies is offering Heineken Hamper. The vouchers comprises of Heineken jackets, Caps, Golf Shirts, Bags, Musk and 12 Beers.  The Heineken Merchandise is proudly sponsored by Online Freebies. 

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How to win Heineken Hamper in South Africa

We are offering local South African citizens to win Heineken Hamper in South Africa on a monthly basis. Stand a chance to win Heineken Hamper in South Africa by simply telling us why you must win. It is easy to win the Heineken hamper & Wine vouchers, Terms and Conditions Apply. We will use courier service to send the Heineken Hamper to the lucky winner, complete the form below: