PPC Management Service South Africa

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a form of internet marketing that directs targeted leads to your online business from search engines like Google. You only pay when a visitor clicks on the advert. It involves creating and placing ads in the positions on search engine results pages. Potential customers see your ad when they type a keyword or phrase related to your business into a search engine. PPC provides a powerful way to reach your potential customers at the moment they are really looking for your products and services. Google search campaigns focuses  on customer intent.

Benefits of Pay per click

You can target the geo-location of your preferred areas where you want your ads to appear Pay per click is affordable, companies have the option to choose their own budget.PPC Advertising brings results in a very short space of time. It provides qualified leads for your company. Pay per click campaigns are effective for increasing products, service sales and online brand presence.

PPC Service

It offers companies the flexibility to manage their campaigns – A PPC campaign is easy effortless to measure. Google provides companies with conversion snippets to be installed in the website. When your potential clients look at your PPC ads or website does it motivate them enough to contact you or make a purchase on your website? Remember, getting prospects to your website is half the battle, but getting them to convert on your site is a mission and a half.  Online Free Vouchers  provides you with a quality strategy to achieve your business goals. Online Free Vouchers is an authorised Business partner to provide your organisation with PPC management services. Let us assist you with cost effective PPC advertising solutions for your company today 

We take a unique approach to PPC Management by providing various ways to improve your PPC campaigns. We can help maximise a PPC campaign through:

  • Consistent keyword bid adjustments
  • Lead conversion tracking analysis
  • Conversion improvement recommendations
  • Phone support
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Analysis on keywords
  • Day-parting strategies
  • Use of KPIs to set bidding rules
  • Competitor analysis
  • Reports tailored to your business
  • Dedicated account manager

Pay per click advertising can be costly if not done properly so make sure your PPC campaigns are in good hands. Contact us today