SEO Service in Johannesburg

SEO is defined as the process of making your website good for your users and search engine spiders. It does not focus on only rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages, providing users with a good experience on the website will inevitably make the website to rank higher on the Search Engine Results of Pages. Online Free Vouchers provides SEO services in Johannesburg and help clients achieve their Return on investment.

The components of SEO are crawling and indexing web pages. Search Engine spiders’ crawls website pages and index the best website pages that match the user’s query. When a user types in a query in the browser, the search engine bots pull the best pages from the database which are relevant to the user’s query on the SERP. 

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On-page SEO:

On-page SEO is what you say about yourself, it can be defined as on-page optimisation which focuses on fixing website issues. Search engine do not view the website the same way as a human eye. Search engines companies like Google, Yahoo, & Bing has developed a good practice to follow when developing a website. Every website must have page titles, H1, H2, Meta-descriptions and good website structure with a great inter-linking of pages which easy to follow for the search spiders/bots. Many websites in South Africa are often penalised by Search engine companies due to not following good practices, they often find themselves not ranking on Search engine results pages or having webpages that are not ranking for specific search terms in the top 20. Various websites have the common website issues below:

  • Slow mobile speed
  • Slow desktop speed
  • Missing page titles, meta descriptions
  • Low keyword density
  • Poorly written content
  • Duplicated page titles, h1 and meta description
  • The page is not indexed by search engine
  • Poor webpages structure

SEO Benefits:

SEO focuses on long term goals which have a very cheap Cost Per Acquisition compared to paid medium campaigns. The best SEO tools to detect website issues are Screaming frog, Ahrefs, Moz, Search Console and Google Analytics. 

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